Deltaclima CoolWall®

We provide you with the perfect air-conditioning solution for your Computer Centre

Modern Weiss air conditioning systems ensure optimum climatic conditions as far as energy is concerned especially with critical installations. We offer products, systems and complete solutions from one source worldwide! We have long years of experience with a wide variety of applications. Benefit from our know-how.



The Deltaclima CoolWall from Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH represents an intelligent solution for computer rooms of all sizes. The flexible, high-output and energy-saving system is recommended for both new installations and as a retrofitting solution.



  • Extremely high cooling capacity.
  • Extremely low space requirements.
  • Extremely space-saving.
  • Extremely flexible interior design.
  • Extremely favorable scalability.
  • Extremely investment-friendly.



The deltaclima CoolWall® consists of a wall with a cooling and filter module encompassing a separate control and special energy-saving EC fans. The fans ensure that the required air flow is established behind the cooling wall. They force and filter the hot air out of the computer room through the cooling wall, conveying the cold air through the double floor back to the racks. In the contrary layout, the air flow selectively expels hot air through the double floor – and feeds in cold air through the cooling wall. The generous heat exchange surfaces mean that higher water temperatures can also be employed. This enables the extended exploitation of external air during operation with indirect free cooling. The deltaclima CoolWall® can be integrated without difficulty in the existing cold water mains network.


A reliable principle.


The deltaclima CoolWall® functions in the same manner as an air-conditioning cabinet, with fans for air conveyance and a heat exchanger to cool the air. Whereas any air-conditioner unit can only exploit the heat exchange surface in the device itself, the deltaclima CoolWall® utilises the complete height and width of the computer room to cool air. The entire IT room thus becomes an air cooling unit.

Adequate output for every need.


The considerably-expanded cooling surface and flexible air flow layout with fans in the double floor practically doubles the specific cooling capacity when compared to precision air-conditioner units. Consequently, the output of the deltaclima CoolWall® increases flexibly relative to the growing cooling demands of computer rooms. This ensures the achievement of much enhanced scalability when compared to conventional precision air conditioners.

Technology in Details


  • Greater rigidity, thanks to the welded and painted design of the frame profiles.
  • Casing removable all round (side and rear panel thickness 1.5 mm in each case).
  • Side visible in computer centre is perforated.
  • Electrophoretic dip priming and powder coating, RAL 9005.
  • Transportation with crane eyelets possible.
  • Innovative design.
  • Simple on-site dry construction wall installation.


Control / Regulation
  • Separate switch cabinet for variable system control.
  • Actuation of air- and water-cooled refrigeration machine possible.
  • Actuation of fans via MOD bus.
  • Connection to central building control systems possible via BACnet, SNMP, Ethernet.
  • G4 cartridge-type air circulation filter.
  • Fitted directly to heat exchanger.
  • Filter changing from front.
  • Filter seal replaced during filter changing.
  • Fiberplast frame.
  • Continuous filter monitoring through differential pressure sensor.
  • Room height cooling segments with large-surfaced Cu/AI heat exchanger.
  • Vane spacing > 2 mm, easily accessible for cleaning purposes.
  • Low velocity for reduced pressure loss.
  • Easy-to-clean condensate tray.
  • Internal cooling circuit pipework, including constant 2-way valve, optional 3-way valve.
  • Brass or gunmetal material.
  • Simple on-site connection.
  • The fan motor unit is simply suspended in the double floor grid.
  • MOD bus networking means practically no limitation on number of fans.
  • High-performance radial fans, optimised efficiency, no volute casing, with backward inclined blades, single-sided suctioning.
  • Drive motor integrated as external rotor in impeller.
  • Fan speed is configured via EC control to suit the individual flow.
  • Replacement possible from above.
  • All electrical connections with plug connector.