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Hospital Air Conditioning


Global Pacific Imports in partnership with Weiss Klimatechnik is the right choice if you are interested in tailored hygiene air-conditioning solutions. We provide everything from one source, from system consulting, development, planning, manufacturing, installation and commissioning up to maintenance and service, with the best support Australia wide.


Weiss Kilmatechnick has developed over the years a range of products to cover all the Hospital Air Conditioning requirements; all the equipment meets the Australian Air Conditioning Standards and Guidelines for Hospital Environments.





+ Compact Air Conditioning Units (Direct Expansion & Chilled Water)

Perfect hygiene air-conditioning for all hospital departments


The new generation of compact air-conditioning units has been developed for universal use in all hospital departments and meets the requirements of DIN 1946-4. Compact construction and innovative technology ensure operating cost benefits extending well into the future.





  • Complies with DIN 1946-4.
  • Nominal volume flow from 2.000 to 22.000 m3/h.
  • Full air-conditioning function with heating, cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying.
  • Compact, single-module construction.
  • Filter class: F7 standard, F9 optional.
  • Two filter stages possible.



+ Full fresh air ultra clean Air Conditioning Units (Direct Expansion & Chilled Water)


The new mediclean® system unit sets new standards in healthcare ventilation and air-conditioning technology, a field always known for stringent reduced operating costs and compact dimensions. The new mediclean® system units are suitable for a range of projects: new facilities or modernization of existing operating theatres, intensive care units, diagnosis areas, etc.





  • Compact and ready for connection (ducts, filters and electronics pre-installed).
  • Flexible duct connections.
  • 3 sizes, capacities from 2500 – 9500 m3/h.
  • Large inspection windows.
  • Machine components.
  • Insulated from air flow.
  • Modular design.
  • Energy efficient 4-way hot gas switching (heat recovery with the heat pump principle), low internal pressure loss.
  • Operating safety provided by 100 % fan.
    (see TWIN* redundancy option below)
  • Fresh air filter with anti-freeze protection (option).
  • Integral fresh air damper.
  • Thermally insulated corner profiles.
  • mirror image designs available.
  • refrigeration circuit and heat recovery tested in the factory.
  • integral sound attenuation (option).


+ Air Quality Control (Weiss Mediclean CPM)

We make air quality visible

The Continuous Particle Monitoring System (CPM) of Weiss allows continuous monitoring, optimisation and recording of air quality during an operation. Measurement sensors records particle concentration and displays for the team the required optical or acoustical examination at every time, whether a sufficient absence of particles is ensured in the operation field.





  • Continuous monitoring of air quality.
  • Automatic optimization of air quality.
  • Significant reduction of particles and airborne germs.
  • Much more efficient use of laminar-flow-systems.
  • Reduces decisively the risks of postoperative infections.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOl6_Rf5cQw



+ Circulating Air Wall Module

The Alternative to the Ceiling-Mounted Circulating Air Module

As an alternative to ceiling-mounted circulating air modules, Weiss Klimatechnik offers freestanding wall mounted modules. This new unit offers a solution in cases of insufficient space and is especially suitable for relatively small operating theatres with large-size OT-ceilings (approx. 3 x 3 m), in cases where the ceiling void is obstructed by other services or structural items or where the room height is very low at air mixing outside of the supply air ceiling.





  • Service and maintenance possible from outside the operating theatre.
  • Fluff grid easy to clean.
  • Easy filter exchange.
  • Fans outside the operating theatre, therefore reduced noise levels.
  • Mixing of fresh air and circulating air outside of the supply air plenum is possible (better thoroughly mixing).
  • Optional heat exchanger.