Air quality as mission


For 30 years we have been working to improve the quality of the air you are breathing. We have a clear rule, that is to provide innovative technologies able to assure a more protected air and a better life quality.

Thanks to ALP Technology we have changed the shape and the core of the HVAC system: the ductwork is more ergonomic, practical, safe during the installation, effective and sustainable in terms of environmental and acoustic pollution.


Thanks to the exclusive ALPactive Antimicrobial technology we have led the HVAC system towards a new border: by means of its natural and antimicrobial compound into the surface of the ductwork the air is purified from the pathogens that cause infections and deadly illnesses.

And we do not stop here: actually we are looking towards new horizons, where our know-how can add value and health to other products.

Air Quality and more


ALP has always been a leader in the technology applied to HVAC systems. The heart of the production is made up of sandwich panels, accessories, tools and equipment for the fabrication of HVAC systems: the range of ALP products is available both in the standard system (ALP System Technology) or in the antimicrobial line (ALPactive Antimicrobial technology).


The manufacture of the panels is combined with the realisation of all the accessories, equipment and tools able to grant a suitable professional installation according to the product requirements.

In order to provide concrete guarantees for a correct and effective use of its products range, ALP is always investing in big training projects addressed to the installers and the designers of HVAC systems.

The use of ALPactive Antimicrobial in the new application fields has allowed to develop many innovative products of big interest such as self-supporting

30+ years of Excellence


In 1985 the founder Mr. Giuseppe Librizzi started the race to the history of ALP: he had an aim, that is to convey the air in a more efficient and safe way. And he solved the problem by means of an innovative method: the very high density sandwich panels made up of rigid closed-cell polyurethane foam faced on both sides with aluminium foils are the solution of absolute avant-garde. Light, easy to handle and to install, pre-insulated, able to grant an excellent air tightness and bacteriostatic: Alp System panels changed the duct fabrication world.


ALP Technology, the innovative technological system for the realization of panels, has led the company from the first applications in the industrial and public field towards the installation of systems in different application milieus.


But ALP has not stopped its research and its innovation: from 2003 up to 2007 ALP has carried out many scientific studies, technical laboratory experimentations that have addressed ALP towards the new technology border, that is ALPactive Antimicrobial.


The Alp System Active panels allow to fabricate a ductwork that, besides conveying the air without any contamination risk, is able to grant an improvement of the air thanks to its natural antimicrobial compound : a solution to kill the pathogens inside the ductwork.

This intuition and all the efforts in terms of research and application experimentation have moved the innovation horizon forward and they let ALP be, once again, in the vanguard for the research of solutions to protect and to improve the air quality.

ALP System


Where, when and why


Contractors and consultants have at their disposal a traditional technology that shows interesting margins of intervention and improvement. The efficiency of the system is one of these advantages: the technical characteristics of a galvanized iron duct give space to innovative solutions that optimize the work of the system and reduce energy waste, generating less consumption and less pollution. The installation is another important issue: weight and working characteristics of the galvanized iron duct require the utilization of resources (staff and equipment) that modern technologies can reduce, with a consequent higher efficiency and safety of the site. The maintenance is also important: in order to grant constant performances and an easy cleaning, consultants and contractor can take advantage of new ideas and techniques to design and fabricate long-lasting systems with high performances of air quality constant during the time.



ALP System panel is an avant-garde solution on all fronts. The core of this innovation is an high density, closed-cell in expanded polyurethane panel (48 Kg/m3 of the sole foam): its structure (with thicknesses of 21 and 30 mm) is light and advanced, since it obtains key performances such as the pre-insulation with a weight clearly lower than the weight of an insulated galvanized iron sheet. The aluminum facing is more that a simple “covering”. It has a double function: solid and resistant surface (60, 80, 200 and 500 microns thicknesses) for a longer life of the duct in the time, bacteriostatic efficacy and easy cleaning for a better quality of air.



ALP System represents the concrete solution for contractors and consultants. A unique technology that faces in a complete way the critical parts of a system. The ductwork fabricated with ALP System panels is:


  • Light → more comfortable: 8 m duct with a section cm 80 x 80 weights 35 kgs, against 225 kg of the same duct fabricated in the traditional way. Therefore it is easy to transport, to handle on site, to install and to maintain.
  • Pre-insulated → more efficient: it does not require insulation on site, it has low thermal conductivity and extraordinary mechanical resistance. Thus allows low energy consumptions to distribute air at an adequate temperature.
  • Excellent technical performances → it can be fabricated in any dimension: its extraordinary performance, as stiffness (350.000 Nmm), allow a rapid fabrication of the system and a reduction of construction costs and time.


ALP System Active


Where, when and why

The air we breathe conveys pathogens. This problem concerns people’s health as well as the quality of products that are packed, the rigorous hygiene in the laboratories and in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, micro-electronic industries or drug production sites. The ductwork is one of the places where the dangerous microorganisms grow: the particles inside the ductworks is an active bed for bacteria, microbes and virus. The bacteriostatic surface of the panel makes it an active element able to kill pathogens.



The starting point is an exclusive technology, patented by ALP: ALPactive Antimicrobial. A solution based on the antimicrobial action of a natural principle, the silver ions incorporated into the aluminium surface of the panel. In normal conditions of humidity the silver ions are released in the air and they destroy the pathogens thanks to the 3Modal action:


  • By damaging the cell wall of the microbe
  • By interrupting their breathing
  • By stopping their reproduction.


The Alp System Active panel and all the accessories are treated with the ALPactive compound, with an effective reduction of 99,9999% against many families of pathogens, such as Legionella Pneumophilia, Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Albicans, Aspergilus Niger, Salmonella Choleraesuis and Listeria Monocytogenes.



After a long scientific experimentation ALPactive Antimicrobial has been acknowledged by scientific bodies and certified by primary institutions: scientific studies, awards and experimentations conducted by the Ministry of Health have certified the effectiveness of this technology. The ductwork fabricated by using Alp System Active materials is:

  • Antimicrobial → more safe: the air coming from the ductwork has a microbial load equal to less than 77,23% in comparison with the air coming from a traditional ductwork
  • Preventive → ideal for indoor applications: the antimicrobial action assures the microbiological quality of the air also in such particular milieus like operating theatres, clearing rooms and so on…
  • Certified → guaranteed: after the long scientific experimentation carried out on real installations in actual working conditions ALP is allowed to grant the effectiveness of the antimicrobial action for 10 years
  • Light → more suitable: the ductwork uses the technical principles of Alp System panel, this means it is easy to move, to handle, to install and to maintain
  • Efficient → cheaper: pre-insulation, low thermal conductivity and air tightness make the panel an active element for the health and for energy saving.

Flex System Active


Where, when and why

The installation of a ductwork is carried out together with the construction of buildings, industrial plants, housing, therefore the project is often realised under complicated conditions. The plant must be “adapted”, in its shapes and in its development to structures that require complex junctions between the duct and the diffusers. Due to not high quality solutions of connection between duct and diffuser, the overall performances of the system result is reduced.



Flex System Active is the solution to the problem: it is the only patented aluminium flexible duct produced with the exclusive ALPactive Antimicrobial technology. It grants an efficient distribution of air from the duct to the diffuser, thanks to a light and versatile technology that allows the conveyance of the performances obtained in the duct (mechanical air-tightness and thermal conductivity) to the grille. ALPactive Antimicrobial technology makes Flex System Active an indispensable element of the system that grants the continuity of antimicrobial extraordinary performances. The antimicrobial action developed on ALP System Active panels continues in the flexible duct and in all its accessories (neck, fastening strip) granting the quality of the air coming from the ductwork with a reduction of microbes on the surface equal to 100%.



Flex System Active is the demonstration of how ALP pays attention to details: ALP Technology lead to an “intelligent” panel, ALPactive Antimicrobial made the panel an active element to improve health and Flex continues with these results up to the diffusers, distributing in the air the benefits deriving from ALP technology. The duct equipped with Flex System Active is:

  • Antimicrobial → healthier: the antimicrobial performance of ALP System Active panels continues in the junction and exit air reaches the diffuser with a microbial load less than 77,23% in respect to the one exiting from a traditional duct
  • Preventive → ideal for indoor: the antimicrobial action allows to grant the microbiological quality of air even in such delicate situations as operating theatres, clean rooms, as stated by the studies carried out by the Department of Innovation of the Italian Ministry of Health
  • Certified → guaranteed: the long scientific experimentation work in laboratories, in real functioning simulation conditions and on existing plants, allows ALP to offer a 10 years guarantee on the efficacy of the antimicrobial action
  • Flexible → adaptable: the flexible duct allows to reach the diffusers in difficult installation conditions, thanks to the availability of different diameters and an instrumentation able to keep performances unchanged
  • Efficient → cheaper: pre-insulation, low conductivity and pneumatic air-tightness make the flexible duct an active element both for health and for energy savings.

Round System


Where, when and why


The primarily needs of a conveying system are technical needs: efficiency, easiness of application, easiness of maintenance. Often a duct becomes a part of spaces decoration. Designers and architects search the globe for a system that is aesthetically pleasing ALP has been able to accept and adapt to the challenge.



Round System is the only pre-insulated duct with circular section available on the market. The performances and excellent characteristics granted by ALP Technology go into a virtuous circle, where high density close-cell expanded polyurethane and aluminum facing ensure duct lightness, pre-insulation and bacteriostatic properties. The circular design changes the visual perception of the duct and transforms the system into an element that becomes a part of aesthetics of the building.



Round System is a duct that combines the aesthetic quality to the technical performances granted by ALP trademark. The duct becomes an added-value both for space decoration and for guarantee of technical quality of the system performances. Round System is:

  • Circular → the design solution makes the duct likeable, especially in those modern and industrial architectural location, with high performances levels deriving from technical plus granted by ALP Technology.
  • Light → more comfortable: the weight of expanded polyurethane facing with aluminium is drastically smaller if compared to any other solution with same performances. Therefore it is easy to transport, to handle on site, to mount and to maintain.
  • Pre-insulated → more efficient: it does not require insulation, it has low thermal conductivity and extraordinary mechanical resistance. Thus allows low energy consumptions to distribute air at an adequate temperature