SEST Gravity/Cross Fin Coils


SEST is the European leader in the production of heat exchangers for refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets.


GPI currently stock coils suitable for supermarket cabinets, refrigerated display cases and ice cream displays.


Sizes available:


Single Row 12mm Tube/6mm Fin Spacing

0.914mmL x 35mmW x 210mmH

1.524mmL x 35mmW x 210mmH

2.134mmL x 35mmW x 210mmH

Double Row 9.52mm Tube/5.5mm Fin Spacing

0.914mmL x 50mmW x 175mmH

1.219mmL x 50mmW x 175mmH

1.524mmL x 50mmW x 175mmH

1.839mmL x 50mmW x 175mmH

2.134mmL x 50mmW x 175mmH

Four Row 9.52mm Tube/5.5mm Fin Spacing

0.914mmL x 86.6mmW x 150mmH

1.219mmL x 86.6mmW x 150mmH

1.524mmL x 86.6mmW x 150mmH

1.839mmL x 86.6mmW x 150mmH

2.134mmL x 86.6mmW x 150mmH