HW Ventilation

Headquartered near Milan, Italy, HW ventilation is a leading company in the field of axial impellers and ventilators for industrial applications. With our 30-year experience in the market, we are an extremely dynamic company committed to continuously provide our customers with innovative products and services. The undisputed success of HW Ventilation in the industry we serve is the result of our corporate philosophy and mission. 70% of the company’s revenue comes from worldwide export through selected distributors and agents




HW Ventilation portfolio comprises a wide range of products: airfoil profile axial impellers (fixed, variable, reversible), sickle profile impellers (made of plastics or aluminum), industrial ventilators (made of plastics or aluminum), spare parts, hubs, and a large set of accessories (electric motors, casing, protection guards, clutches for sprayers). We also provide customized solution to meet any particular need in moving air.


Products by HW Ventilation meet a wide range of needs in fields like agriculture, industrial ventilation, heat exchange systems, and many more. Thanks to our experienced R&D department, we are able to renovate our product portfolio and launch innovative solutions onto the market at a very fast pace.




Materials have a key role in the manufacturing process of new products. For this reason, we continuously performs analysis on top-class materials which are employed in the production of our fans and ventilators. Our R&D department is constantly busy with testing the characteristics of new materials, which are chosen based on specific performance characteristics. They can be anti-static, anti-explosive, self-extinguishing, high temperature resistant, corrosion proof, light weighed, or simply cheaper, performance data being equal. Many of our products are manufactured with materials which are ATEX-compliant.




Products and services by HW Ventilation are conceived to meet the varied needs of all those industries in which air movement is involved. Our blades are available in multiple shapes and materials, and are ideal to be employed in a wide range of operating conditions (high/low temperatures, corrosive/hazardous environments.

HW Ventilation also offers ad-hoc analysis of new blade shapes and configurations (FEM), and analysis of new/special materials that can better meet customers’ expectations. That is the case, for example, of ATEX materials.




Require fans with extremely high pressure capabilities and with low noise signature. HW Ventilation offer a vast range of axial fans (available in a variety of shapes and materials) suitable for radiators and other engine cooling systems, both for mobile and stationary usage.




Require fans with extremely high pressure capabilities and with low noise signature. Given the high volumes of compressors produced by the manufacturers, light weight, easy-to assembly, cost effective fans are a key success factor for the compressor industry.HW Ventilation offers a vast range of axial fans (available in a variety of shapes and materials) suitable for compressors, both for mobile and stationary usage.




HW Ventilation offers solutions to a wide range of different applications within the industrial ventilators industry: from ventilation systems for industrial plants, to ventilation for commercial buildings, tunnels and garages. Key characteristics of the axial fans for this segment are high efficiency and strength of their components. The flexibility of our axial fan range makes it possible to select the best solutions for your performance requirements, both for standardized fan units and for customized ventilation units.




Are typically roof mounted units designed to ensure best possible climate for cows, pigs, chickens. Key selection criteria for these units are high efficiency at the lowest possible operating cost. HW Ventilation fans enables you to select high efficiency solutions at a competitive price, while generating the air volumes necessary to keep your livestock in the best possible condition.




Dryers and kilns are characterized by high temperatures and high humidity levels. Therefore it is crucial that the axial fans can operate at temperatures in the range of 60-100°C and stay corrosive resistant. In terms of the fan performances, the main success criterion of industrial drying processes is to achieve homogeneous drying whether that is of timber, leather, or bricks. HW Ventilation can offer a range of reversible axial fans able to produce equal air flow and pressure in both operating directions, guaranteeing the most homogeneous drying possible.



HW Ventilation has always a solution to any need in air movement, and supplies fans and ventilators for a variety of applications:

  • Cooling Towers 
  • Agricultural Sprayers
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Tractors
  • Lift Trucks
  • Hovercrafts
  • Snow Cannons
  • Welding Machines
  • And many more....



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