DBM Coils

We can offer heat exchangers for the following applications:

    HVAC (Air Handling Units)

    We manufacture hot water, steam chilled water, direct expansion and condensor coils for heating, cooling and heat    recovery systems.


    Marine and Offshore

    These include cruise liner air-conditioning, engine room cooling, remote condensors and AHU's for offshore platforms.


    Textile Plants

    Re-inforced fins and wide fin pitch or bare tubes which can work with air containing fibres or manufacturing residuals.


    Paper Industry

    We offer heat exchangers for the heating of process air. these can work with steam, condensate, thermal oil or hot water.



    We offer glycol/water, brine or direct expansion heat exchangers with wide fin pitch and if required hot gas, water or electric defrosting systems.



    We produce heat exchangers that can work continuously with high temperatures thanks to our exclusive "floating fin block" execution. this design prevents any contact between the tubes and the casing.

      Heat Recovery From Exhaust Gases

      Airtight execution heat exchangers, completely welded, which can generate hot or superheated water and diathermic oil.


      Gas Turbine Air Intake Coils

      Cooling coils for turbine inlet combustive air, manufactured with a special execution that can exclude the presence of moving parts that can potentially get detached in the airflow. In addition, we also offer engine inlet air pre-heating coils. These are often supplied with materials that are suitable for the harsh environment of the location, including reinforced fins and tubes, stainless steel casing, Heresite P412 coating or A1Mag fin construction.


      Filter Protection (Frost Heating Coil for Filter Protection)

      Coils working with hot water that can prevent particularly delicate and expensive filters from freezing.


      Oil Cooling

      Coils for the cooling of machine lubricant oil, which are available with turbulators inside the tubes.


      Clean rooms

      We offer various designs for installations in ducts, Fan Filter Units (FFU) or air handling units. Coils are supplied in several different materials, often together with stainless steel frames or powder coating.


      Industrial Processes

      These coils are used in the plastic industry, surface treatment machinery.